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Wieder einmal was Geklautes. ich bin ein böses Mädchen, aber da kann ich mich nicht beherrschen. *-* Es ist zu geil *-*  

Danke Zuelo-B-Riddick. 


1. What is your character's name?
- Farkas Faraday

2. What kind of character is it (furry, anime, etc) and any particular race?
- Anthro female wolf.

3. What is the first thing your character would think of when he/she first wakes up?
- She likes to sleep long so most times she thinks nothing and shuffles into the bathroom for a shower or something. When she gets up late her first feeling depends on the weather. Ans when she gets up too late.. well, it's good that her first thoughts are only thoughts and not spoken out loud.

4. Your character's favorite outfit would be?
- Jeans and thight dark shirts, or when she weres her uniform, she likes that best.

5. When your character looks into a mirror, what's the first thing they would notice?
- Ehm... they would notice something.. I'm sure... that they would... oO

6. Does your character have the same tastes in food as you?
- Yes.

7. How is your character similar to you?
- Very similar, there are MANY similarities. Look, most of her character fits to mine, her habits, political opinions and stuff like that.

8. How is he/she different?
- She can fly a spaceship, and she's more couragous. And not lazy like me. Her family is different and she is smaller than me.

9. If your character could speak, would they have the same voice as you?
- Hm.. I never thought about that. Maybe.. probaby.

10. If you were to suddenly become your character, what do you think would be the first thing you would do as them?
- Search for Wolf, fly a Wolfen and be h.a.p.p.y.! ^^

11. Is there something about your character that you don't like how others think of them?
-  She's clumsy and fearful. It's hard for her to get along with Star Wolf. Hm, everybody has mistakes =D She has a LOT of them.

12. What advantages does your character have over you?
- She's cool. She rockz. I love her! ^^ And she meets Wolf (okay he's not interested but whatever... >.< xD She doesn't need glasses.

13. What disadvantages?
- She's even more clumsy than me and has more bad luck than anyone else.

14. Do you have any secrets relating to your character that only you know?
- I think so. Or only one expect me knows about her.

15. Do you have any secret drawings only you know about?
- Yes. But relating to my character? I'm not sure.

16. Do you have any plans for your character or are you working on something big relating to him/her?
- I hope so, but I'm so lazy.

17. What misconception(s), if any, do people have about your character?
- I don't know. I don't talk often about Farkas identity.

18. If you could have just ONE characteristic from your character, what would it be?
- Just one ? ;_; xD

19. Have you made any characters that go along with yours, based on real-life people, that have the same relationship with your character as you with the real-life person?
- No.

20. Have you written any stories about your character?
- Yeah.. but I don't have it anymore >.<"

21. How has your character changed since his/her first creation?
- Hmm.. there are no real changes. At least any I could describe.

22. Give us a one-liner from him/her.
- o__o

23.- Weaknesses and DRAMA
- Lot's of weaknesses, lot's of drama.


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